媒體改造 Transformation of Media

– will Silverlight bring on the Death of TV as we know it?

更加便利 Broadcast TV Reach & Convenience

More than 1 out of every 4 of Norway’s 4.8 million citizens showed their enthusiasm for winter sports by tuning in to the all 720p HD IIS Smooth Streaming experience delivered by Norway’s NRK – and they liked what they saw, watching for an peak of 77 minute.

優質體驗 Quality Experience

Broadcast HD TV is relatively new in France so France Televisions (FranceTV) saw the opportunity to bring the HD experience to the younger generation who in many cases prefer to consume video on the computer. With previous triumphs using Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming to broadcast the Roland Garros Tennis Championships and the Tour de France cycle race, FranceTV knew they could deliver a multi-platform, high quality live and on-demand video experience. With only 2 weeks to the event and not a single line of code written yet, the Silverlight Media Framework meant FranceTV were able to deliver the player to schedule and see an amazing 64 minutes average viewing time.

有效的廣告獲利 Effective Ad Monetization

In the United States, NBC built on their experiences using Silverlight for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and NFL Sunday Night Football. For Vancouver 2010 they served live and on-demand video to an online audience of 16 million viewers while also delivering a very sophisticated and efficient ad platform to their sponsors, making the best use of planned and spontaneous opportunities for ad insertion. Armed with real-time insights on the size and viewing trends of the online fan base they were able to make quick, informed decisions about when to run ads for maximum effect.

前所未有的在線收視時間 Unprecedented online viewing times

Host nation Canada’s CTV saw more than 3.9 million visitors consume 6.2 Petabytes or 7.2 million hours of video, peaking at 130,000 concurrent viewers. Viewers stayed watching the video for an average of 111 minutes per visit – unprecedented and great news for broadcasters and advertisers alike